Undercover cops
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+ Comments Undercover cops - 2009-03-07
This is taken right after the big demonstration against the tennis-match between Israel and Sweden today. I think around 5-6000 people showed up, as well as approximately 1000 cops. This is a shot of some undercover cops charging in on a crowd that were gathering around one of the police-vans. Don't know why people where gathering there, but they were pretty calm, and then suddenly these undercover cops jumped out of another van, drew their expandable batons and ran screaming towards the crowd. Nothing happened, but if you ask me it was a pretty strange way the police handled that situation. I also find it very strange that the undercover cops dress neo-nazi-style.

Camera: NIKON D300 | ISO: 1600 | Focal Length: 18 mm | Aperture f 7.1 | Exposure: 1/200 sec | Flash: Not Fired