Moroccan Landscape
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+ Comments Moroccan Landscape - 2009-06-11
I went to Ourika Valley and the seven waterfalls outside of Marrakech today. It was absolutely beautiful and extremely fun. Since I'm traveling alone and am to cheap to hire a guide I climbed the mountain myself, and think it was well worth it. The sights were astounding and it was just perfect to be there all by myself. Most people don't climb all the way since it's a bit diffucult (but really not that difficult) which is okay with me since I got to experience it in all it's serenity totally alone. This photo is not from the mountain but was shot on the way there. I will post photos from the mountain later.

Camera: NIKON D300 | ISO: 200 | Focal Length: 18 mm | Aperture f 8 | Exposure: 1/800 sec | Flash: Not Fired