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Ordering prints from

If you want to order a print of any of the photographs you find on this blog please send me an e-mail. The e-mail should be have the subject "Print order" and contain the title of the chosen photograph and format you want it in. Shipping is free within sweden, in Europe I charge an extra 4€, but worldwide I have to charge an extra 15€. All photographs are shipped in cardboard tubes. After you have ordered and I have recieved the payment it will take 5-10 days before you recieve the print, since I don't keep any prints in stock. Expect extra shipping time if you live far away from Sweden.
Order your prints today at prints at smekbar dot se


Paper 20x30 cm 40x60 cm 50x70 cm 70x100 cm
Matte --- €100 €120 €150
Pearl €40 €100 €120 €150

Canvas 26x40 cm 40x60 cm 50x70 cm 70x100 cm
Matte €100 €150 €170 €300

Most of my photographs are in the 2:3 format. So if you for exampel order a print as 50x70cm, the actual size will be 46x70cm. The actual size for the 70x100 will be 66.6x100cm. Photographs in 1:1 format will be the size of the smallest side, ie an order of a 50x70cm print will result in a 50x50cm print.

Payment: my preferred payment method is PayPal, payable to, as it’s secure, fast, and PayPal accepts all major credit cards; but if you would rather pay by bank transfer please let me know. All payments should be made in Euro, you can find a currency converter here.

Colour matching: it is my intention to produce prints that closely resemble the on-screen version. However, the characteristics of prints and monitors are fundamentally different, and therefore a 100% match isn’t always possible.

Copyright: When you purchase a print of an image from me, I provide you with the actual print, and grant you the right to display the print for viewing for non-commercial purposes. However, unless specifically authorised, you may not scan, duplicate, copy, publish, or otherwise utilise the image in any manner without prior written authorisation – you will own the print, not the rights to the original image.


If you want to use my images for commercial use please contact me at
ivar at smekbar dot se.
The price depends upon the use of the image, the length of use and in which formats you request it. I will never sell the complete rights to any of my photographs though.

Private use

If you want to want to use any of my images for private use, that is okay with me. But please don't post my photographs anywhere on the internet. Should you do any extensive kind of manipulation or remixing of my photos that is very much okay to upload to the internet, but please send me a link. Don't get me wrong, I would love for people to use my stuff in these ways, but I also want to see the results. :)